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Greasy hamburger and chipsWhen we think of take away food, most of us think of chips, pies, pizzas, sausage rolls, hamburgers – that sort of thing. Most take away food is high in kilojoules, saturated fat and salt, and some choices are also high in sugar.

They also tend to be low in dietary fibre and other nutrients. Most people who eat a lot of take away food consume too many kilojoules.

For example, if you go to a burger chain and order a meal deal with a large burger, chips and soft drink, you’ll be having a meal with around 5,400 kilojoules – almost two-thirds of what the average person wanting to maintain a healthy weight should consume in a day.

But not all take away food is unhealthy. You can make healthy choices such as sushi, salad sandwiches, vegetarian pizzas that are light on the cheese, and grilled fish salads.

So, if you want to eat take away food, but also want to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, here are three key tips:

  • Don’t do it very often. Limiting fast-food meals to a maximum of once a week means they’re less likely to be a problem for weight control. Eating less take away food also helps you control how much saturated fat, salt and added sugar you put into your body
  • Avoid larger serve sizes – remember to say no to upsizing
  • If you do eat take away food more than once a week, make sure you choose the healthier options.



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