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Woman eating salad and having a glass of water poured at a restaurant.How many meals a day?

Is it better to eat three meals a day or is it better to graze throughout the day? Research can’t answer this question, other than to say that the total number of kilojoules you consume in a day and the pattern of meals is what matters. Making sure you eat in roughly the same way each day seems to be important. And once you have a routine, don’t be tempted to skip meals.

So it doesn’t matter whether you eat three larger meals or seven light meals a day. However, if you decide to eat seven meals a day, make sure they are all small.


Then there are snacks. Some people need them to maintain energy – others don’t. If you do have snacks, it’s smart to plan ahead and prepare healthy snacks so you don’t suddenly get hungry and end up eating whatever’s handy – which is often unhealthy snack foods such as potato chips.


Eat breakfast every day. It’s important for you and it’s particularly important for children so they can concentrate at school.

People who don’t eat breakfast tend to eat bigger meals later in the day, are likely to have more snacks and have dietary patterns that are higher in kilojoules.

Eat with others

People who eat meals with others tend to have healthier diets overall than those who don’t. So, when possible, have meals with family and friends. 

Turn the TV off

Turn the TV off at meal times. Not being distracted while we eat allows us to focus on the enjoyment of food and makes us more likely to pick up on our body’s signals telling us when we’ve eaten enough.


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