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Establishing physical activity habits

Physical activity can become part of your daily life, even if it isn’t now. If you introduce a few extra activities and do them often, they can become part of your daily routine. This section suggests healthy physical activity habits to help you get started.

Building more movement into your day

Many of us could be more active in our daily lives, even without devoting extra time to planned physical activity.

Finding and creating opportunities to move more and sit less every day – at home, at work, when travelling or for recreation – can have many benefits. Here you will find some ideas that will help.

Planning physical activity

For some people, planning to do physical activity at a regular time every day or week is more likely to become a habit.

You may wish to include more planned physical activity in your day. This may include going for a walk, jog or bike ride, doing an aerobics class or playing tennis socially or in a competition. Here are some tips to get you started.

Finding local activities

Do you want to find some healthy activities in your local area, but don’t know where to start? This section contains tips and links that might help you.