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Active extended family runningIt is important to move more, sit less, every day!

If you are not physically active at the moment, introducing a few daily physical activities can soon make it part of your routine. You can start by doing some physical activity every day and gradually increasing the total amount you do each week.  

There are many ways to enjoy physical activity as part of your daily routine. Here are four healthy physical activity habits to get you started:

1. Be aware of what physical activity you do.

Some of us think we move more than we actually do. Recording your activity in a physical activity planner can help you become more aware of how much physical activity you actually do.

2. Build more movement into your day.

Move at every opportunity to incorporate more physical activity into your day-to-day routine.

3. Plan to do some physical activity every day.

Plan to be physically active every day – go for a walk, a bike ride, a swim, do a fitness class or play a game of sport. If you can’t do something every day, do something on most days of the week. Find a physical activity you like and do it regularly. Then find new activities to add variety to your routine.

4. Minimise sitting time.

New research shows that people who sit for long periods at a time have a higher risk of developing chronic disease. You should regularly break up long periods of sitting, as well as reduce your total sedentary time. One way to minimise sitting time is to reduce your screen time, especially at times of the day when you could be doing physical activity. 

Using the Healthy Weight Guide’s physical activity planner is a good way to plan your physical activity each week. You can record what you are going to do and then at the end of the week, look back over your planner to review your progress.

If there is a reason why you haven’t been as active as you had hoped, think about how you can resolve it by getting some support or planning a more suitable time to build physical activity into your day.

Establishing healthy physical activity habits might take a while but setting goals and making plans can help. You can download and print off the physical activity planner to carry around with you or leave on the fridge. If you register with the Healthy Weight Guide website, you can record your plans and update them online as often as you like.

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