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Why are so many people not a healthy weight?

People might become overweight for lots of reasons – eating too much, or too much unhealthy food, not getting enough physical activity, or a combination of these. Our genes and environment also play a role.

Some people are or become underweight; among other reasons, this may be due to physical or other illness and stress.

Learn more about these reasons and the important concept of energy balance in this section.

Stages of change

Changing our behaviour doesn’t happen overnight. It happens gradually, often with two steps forward and one step back. Psychologists and behavioural scientists have described how this happens using the term ‘stages of change’. It’s a useful way to think about the way we change our behaviour, as it allows us to see how ready we are to change.

Physical activity and sedentary behaviour

Read this section of the guide to find out more about the personal, social and health benefits of being more physically active. You may be surprised at the range of benefits.

Weight loss methods

There’s a lot of information about losing weight, but not all of it is reliable.  Get some hints about how to assess different options in this section.