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Woman in pharmacy looking at pillsYou can buy a wide range of over-the-counter and meal replacement products, many of which make big claims about their effect on weight loss. These products include various detox diets and pre-packaged foods like special drinks or protein bars sold as replacements for one or more daily meals. Some over-the-counter and meal replacement products are sold in chemists or supermarkets, and many are available online.

When used under the supervision of a health professional, some meal replacement products may be a useful aid to weight loss, but they are unsuitable for long-term use. Some restrict variety in your diet and they do not support the development of healthy eating habits. Many have also not been tested independently and have not proved to be effective. Some are expensive and some have significant side effects. 

In the past 15 years in Australia, around 10 products claiming to be effective in helping people lose weight have been withdrawn from sale due to misleading advertising.

If you are considering buying over-the-counter and meal replacement products to help you lose weight, you should first:


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