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Close up of legs running on treadmillA range of physical activity equipment and programs is available. Often, the ‘latest equipment’ is advertised on television with promises that it will deliver great results with very little effort.

But many of these products just don’t work. Watch out especially for equipment that moves your body for you. If you want to get fit and/or lose weight, you need to do the physical activity – and you don’t need expensive equipment to get the benefits.

Many gyms and fitness programs are advertised. Some involve the use of gym equipment as part of your personal fitness program and/or one-on-one supervision from personal trainers. Some involve joining in a group activity such as ‘boot camps’, or an aerobics or Pilates class.

Some of these options may work well for you, but before you sign up, think carefully about your answers to the following questions.

  • Is this an activity I enjoy?
  • Is it something I can see myself doing long term?
  • Does it offer me the opportunity to vary what I do if I get bored?
  • Can I get help if I need it?
  • Can I afford it for the long term?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then consider these questions:

  • Does the program claim to be easy and effortless?
  • Does it involve buying special powders or pills?
  • Does it involve using special garments, machines that do the moving for you, injections or vitamins?

If the answer to even one of this second group of questions is yes, you might want to think again. As with diet programs, there are no ‘magic solutions’ for increasing physical activity.

Source: Adapted from Rosemary Stanton, The Diet Dilemma.



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