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More people in Australia are overweight now than ever before, and the world in which we live has played a part in this situation.

What’s changed?

Foods and drinks

These days, we have more choice in what we eat and drink than ever before. But some of the choices we face are less healthy than they used to be. For example, soft drinks were a treat for older generations. Now, some people drink soft drinks every day. And many of the packaged foods now available are attractive to our tastebuds because they are high in fat, sugar and/or salt. We eat far too many discretionary foods high in saturated fat, sugar and/or salt.

The standard serving size of take away food has increased  too. We are asked to upsize, to add more, to have something else with that – sometimes we do. Plus unhealthy options sometimes seem to be cheaper when compared to healthy choices.

Physical activity

Many people have become more dependent on cars, computers and all sorts of labour-saving devices, which means we burn up less energy from everyday activities. And many more of us have office jobs compared with 40 years ago. Today’s leisure time activities are more likely to involve couch time than outside play too.


Some people are happy to use public transport but others prefer to drive. Parents drive children to school more than they used to. Quite simply, using our cars more means we are walking less far and less often than before.   

Cooking skills

Not everyone knows how to cook a healthy meal. This means that many people eat out, buy pre-prepared foods and get take aways, and they do this more often.

Family life

With changes in family life, many families have both parents/carers working, or the single parent/carer at work. Life is really busy. This can mean that children are eating away from home more often, and that more family dinners are based on pre-packaged and take-away meals than before. Families have less time to prepare food at home and enjoy physical activity together. Even getting enough sleep can be a problem.

So what does this all mean?

The result of these changes is that we are eating a less healthy diet and being less physically active than our parents and grandparents – it shows.

But knowledge is power. Once we recognise why we are gaining weight, it is easier to make plans to change. This Healthy Weight Guide can provide you with the information, tips and motivation to help make changes happen. Are you ready to start?



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