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Woman thinking while writing on notepadThe Australian Government’s Department of Health identified a need for one authoritative source about healthy weight for Australians. It commissioned a consortium of three groups of experts to develop the Healthy Weight Guide website and the supporting brochures, booklets and posters. 

The consortium consisted of:

  • A health and communications consultancy, which led the process and designed and wrote the Guide 
  • The Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise and Eating Disorders at The University of Sydney, which provided the evidence base for the Healthy Weight Guide
  • A qualitative research company, which tested the draft materials with a wide range of Australians from different backgrounds and with a range of health professionals to ensure that the Guide content was appropriate and engaging for a broad Australian audience

The consortium worked closely with the Department of Health throughout the project. It also benefited from three groups specifically formed to provide advice on the development of the Healthy Weight Guide. These were:

  • The Healthy Weight Guide Consumer Panel, comprising Australians from all walks of life drawn from the initial round of focus group interviews
  • The Expert Network, consisting of health writers, journalists, academics and interested others
  • The Reference Group, comprising key people, including health professionals, selected by the Department for their expertise in nutrition, physical activity and healthy weight issues

The Healthy Weight Guide is the result of a cooperative approach among all those involved. This Guide can help all Australians to gain a better understanding of healthy weight issues, and may help motivate you on your journey towards achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

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