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Healthcare professional holding clipboardThe primary audience for this website is the Australian general public, however as a health professional you may find this website useful to:

  • Provide background knowledge on healthy weight issues
  • Refer to your clients for information and tools to assist them on their journey to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

You might also like to use the website during your consultations with clients.  For example, you could download and use the goal setting form, physical activity planner, and meal planner to assist clients with establishing and maintaining healthy habits.

You could also guide your clients through the registered area of the website to help motivate them and to monitor their progress over time.  The registered area of the website:

  • Will allow your clients to record their weight, waist measurement and BMI and track their changes using graphs
  • Has a goal setting tool that will assist your clients with setting and keeping track of their goals
  • Has a planning tool that will help your clients plan and monitor their physical activity and meals, as well as calculate their energy requirements.

Depending on your profession and your client’s personal circumstances, some clients might find it helpful and motivating to work through these areas of the website with you during consultations.

Your clients might also be interested in the page of links to Commonwealth, State and Territory governments, and non-government organisation programs, campaigns and activities.

The information provided in this evidence-informed guide draws heavily on the following resources with which most of you will be familiar:

The Healthy Weight Guide website is supported by a number of print resources, including:

  • Brochure promoting the Healthy Weight Guide website
  • Booklet containing practical information and tips on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Poster promoting the Healthy Weight Guide
  • Printable fact sheet providing information to health professionals on the Healthy Weight Guide



For other resources developed to assist health professionals, see: