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Middle aged couple on bike rideAt some time in your life, things change. You have more demands on you and less time for yourself.

Maybe you’re spending more time driving the kids to their sport than playing sport yourself.

Maybe you’ve started an office job, so you eat lunch at your desk and spend more time sitting than moving.

Perhaps now the kids are older, they’re more independent and less reliant on you to walk them to school or to the park to play.

Maybe you’re working longer hours now. And at the end of the day, you feel too tired to cook so you buy pre-prepared meals or take aways.

Once the day is over, you might settle down in front of the TV, with a glass of beer or wine. You have just enough energy to get to the fridge for the bowl of ice-cream or block of chocolate. And then it’s bedtime.

But it’s important to stay active and take the time to eat well. The Healthy Weight Guide has tips for finding time. You might need to establish or redevelop some healthy eating and physical activity habits. Or perhaps you just need some tips on staying motivated or maintaining healthy habits.

It’s OK to start slowly – but so important to make a start. Unhealthy habits tend to build on each other and with time, you may find it harder to achieve, maintain, or get back to, a healthy weight. The Healthy Weight Guide has information to help you get started.



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