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Mother and son with vegetablesPeople are different. We don’t all have the same cultural and genetic backgrounds. And these differences can affect how people tend to put on weight.

For example, some people from different cultural and genetic backgrounds have different healthy weight ranges. Recent migrants to Australia from Asia and Africa are more likely to gain weight rapidly due to changes in diet and physical activity. People from India, China, the Pacific Islands, South-East Asia and the Middle East living in Australia are also more likely than people from other cultural backgrounds to put on weight quickly.

An understanding of weight-related issues also differs among cultural groups. In some cultures, being overweight may be seen as a sign of health and wealth. People from certain cultural backgrounds may also experience pressure to eat more than they need so as to avoid offending their hosts. Other cultures emphasise children doing homework rather than being physically active.

If you have recently moved to Australia, some of the changes you are going through put you at risk of gaining weight and feeling unhealthy. Australia has a good supply of healthy foods, but these may be different from the foods you are used to. There may be a greater supply of unhealthy foods and drinks on offer too. Also there may seem to be less opportunities to be physically active than you are used to. This is a time of many challenges and it’s important to:

This website has lots of information, tools and resources to help you along the way. If you’d like some more support, talk to a health professional.



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