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Being pregnant is an exciting time. It is also a time of major changes to your body. You may feel nauseous in the first three months or so and then increasingly tired. You might become more emotional at times, as pregnancy hormones circulate in your blood, and you may crave particular foods and drinks. 

All these changes can affect your ability to eat well and your desire to be physically active. This, in turn, may lead to changes in your weight not related to your pregnancy. Pregnant women need steady weight gain to support the growing child, but excessive weight gain can cause problems.

You need to take good care of yourself while you’re pregnant. Make sure that you:

  • Expecting mother holding her bellyEnjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods, but avoid those foods that may harm your developing baby
  • Drink plenty of water, and take bottled water with you when you leave the house (tap water is fine)
  • Try eating healthy snacks such as fruit or unbuttered popcorn, or eating more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day if eating helps with your nausea (morning sickness).
  • Let yourself indulge occasionally but not all the time if you crave unhealthy foods – don’t make eating chocolate a nightly habit
  • Think about your options and choose the healthiest one available, rather than eating the first thing you come across if you feel the need for comfort food – and only eat the smallest amount you need to feel better
  • Try to do some regular physical activity each day – aim to accumulate 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week after checking with your health professional
  • Take care with vigorous physical activity by checking with your doctor or midwife first
  • Go for a walk with a friend rather than heading for the couch if you lack the energy for planned physical activity,
  • avoid alcohol - not drinking is the safest option when you are pregnant
  • Don’t smoke, diet or take weight loss medications.



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