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Cigarette buttSmoking

There are many reasons not to smoke. Smokers have a greater risk of being ill or dying young from a large number of diseases including cancer and heart disease. But there is another important reason not to smoke when you are pregnant and has to do with your baby's weight.

Smoking during pregnancy poses a huge risk to an unborn child, in many ways. Women who smoke while they’re pregnant are more likely to have smaller than normal babies delivered at term, or premature babies. Research shows that babies born small or prematurely are more likely than other babies to grow up overweight. So to give your baby a better chance of a healthy weight during life, you and your partner shouldn’t smoke.

If you do smoke, take steps to quit now. Many people find they can do it on their own. However, if you’d rather have support, call the Quitline (13 78 48) or talk with your doctor, pharmacist or health professional about nicotine replacement therapy.

Weight loss or other restrictive diets

Babies grow rapidly throughout a pregnancy and need a steady flow of nutrients and energy to develop normally.

If you are pregnant, you should not go on any weight loss or restrictive diet unless your health professional recommends and closely supervises it.

Weight loss medications and surgery

If you are pregnant, do not take any medications to help you lose weight. None of these has been shown to be safe for pregnant women. Likewise, weight loss surgery is not recommended during pregnancy.


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