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Teenagers playing rugbyThe teenage years can be challenging. As you become more independent, the way you eat and drink, and the amount of physical activity you do, are likely to change.

As you spend more time outside the family home, meals may become less regular and it can be easier to opt for unhealthy food and drinks. You may spend more time sitting at the computer and on the couch, and less time being active, especially if you have left school and no longer play organised sport. Changing hormones may also increase your risk of putting on excess weight.

You may be more body conscious than you were a few years ago. Self-esteem and body image issues can become a major problem for some teenagers.

This Healthy Weight Guide is for you, too. It really helps to eat healthily, be physically active, set realistic goals and monitor what you do if you want to be fit and healthy.

If you have concerns about your weight, talk to your parents or carers, or see a health professional. You may be referred to a dietitian or other health professionals for more specialised help.

And remember that your parents may not have learnt all the things you have at school about healthy eating and being active, so you can help educate them for a change!



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