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Signpost with words help, support, advice, guidance and assistance on the direction arrows against a bright blue cloudy skyMany commercial providers offer services, products and support to people wishing to lose weight and/or become more active. This Healthy Weight Guide website provides tips for assessing how helpful these weight loss and fitness providers are likely to be. Some are definitely better than others, and some are costly and involve signing contracts for long periods.

Some people may benefit from using the services of commercial providers, at least to kick start their plan to achieve or maintain a healthy weight. It may be a good alternative for people who feel unable to discuss their weight issues with family, friends or workmates. Commercial providers can also be helpful if your local community services are directed at a different age group or are only available during working hours.

So, for those who value anonymity and flexibility, and can afford to pay for their services, some commercial providers may be worth considering.



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