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Group of people doing water sports in poolMany local councils and community groups offer programs helpful to people wanting to achieve or maintain a healthy weight. These programs are often free or available at discounted rates.

For example, there may be a local walking group you could join instead of tackling the same daily route by yourself. Perhaps you could sign up for dance lessons, take yoga, aquarobics or Pilates classes, or learn tai chi in the park. If your local hospital or university is running trials of a diet or physical activity program, you might decide to sign up. Or you could join a community gardening group and be active while making new friends and getting fresh vegies.

Some state governments organise group activities locally. The Healthy Weight Guide has more information services and programs run by state and territory governments and non-government organisations. There are many other options as well, but you may need to do some searching. You could:

  • Check the classifieds section of your local paper
  • Contact your local council or check their website
  • Phone your health professional’s assistant.

You could also use your postcode to search the Healthy Living Network for registered programs and services in your local area. The Healthy Living Network, funded by the Australian Government as a component of the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health, lists quality programs and service providers that have been registered against an established Quality Framework of standards and criteria. The Healthy Living Network offers consumers the opportunity to search for healthy lifestyle related activities at both the local community level and within the workplace.

Don’t be afraid to ask around. If your local area has no health or physical activity programs on offer, you might want to email or write to your local council and suggest they start something, or organise your own activity with your friends.



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