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Cancer Council Australia is Australia’s peak non-government cancer control organisation. It develops and promotes independent, evidence-based policies and resources on cancer prevention, detection, treatment and care, and advocates for the rights of people with cancer. 

Cancer Council Australia and its members, the eight state and territory Cancer Councils, along with their research partners, granted more than $70 million a year to cancer research, research scholarships and fellowships in 2015. Cancer Councils also deliver a wide range of programs and services, such as Cancer Council 13 11 20, which supports more than 55,000 callers a year. 

Cancer Council Australia provides a vast array of online information and resources for consumers and health professionals. The Cancer Council Australia website has information on the importance of maintaining a healthy weight to reduce cancer risk.

Other Cancer Council Australia resources 

Cancer Council Australia – a central hub of online cancer prevention, policy and other information.

iheard  – a website to help the public separate cancer facts from myths and misconceptions.

Position statements  – explore the evidence and make recommendations on a range of complex cancer issues. 

eLearning – new online learning platform developing courses for a range of audiences.

CALD Cancer Resource Directory – access to cancer resources in different languages.

Cancer Genetics Resource Directory – information and resources on familial cancer and genetics.

National Cancer Prevention Policy  – an evidence-based guide to inform policy makers and public health experts.

Clinical Guidelines  – ground-breaking wiki-based guidelines used by health professionals in cancer management both in Australia and internationally.

Cancer Forum – Australia’s leading and one of the world's few cancer review journals for multidisciplinary health professionals working in cancer.

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