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Hurdles on a trackFor some of us, it is fairly easy to stay the same weight or even to lose weight and keep it off.

But for many of us, controlling our weight can be hard. We may fall into a cycle of trying to be healthy, slipping up, feeling disappointed, losing motivation and then, after a while, trying to be healthy again, slipping up – and around and around it goes.

Our life circumstances can add to the challenge of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. For example, some people might work irregular hours, others might face cost or time pressures, while others might be trying to manage their weight while taking medications or struggling to find motivation.

But it is possible to make changes. Some people who have managed such challenges successfully:

  • Are motivated to change
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Have support
  • Plan and set personal goals
  • Take small steps towards those goals
  • Track their progress
  • Review their goals regularly
  • Plan for setbacks
  • Celebrate their achievements with non-food rewards
  • Learn from their experiences, good and bad.

When trying to change our behaviour, we'll find find it easier at some times than at others, and will probably change our approach from time to time. Every time we slip up, we learn something, and this takes us a step closer to making the changes we want to make.

The Healthy Weight Guide is here to help you. You'll find information about what to do, how to do it, and resources to help you along the way.