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Teenage boy leaning against tree with head in hand looking sadSometimes, people feel down or anxious about their weight. They may feel guilty for not being healthy and energetic. They may blame themselves for not being fit and active. As well, if a person has depression or anxiety their appetite, energy levels, self-esteem and weight can all be affected.

If you are depressed, you probably don’t feel like being very active. You may spend more time sitting around than you normally do. And sometimes, depression can cause people to neglect their health because they are focused on other issues. Thoughts of healthy eating can easily slip away.

If you are experiencing grief, anxiety or depression, you may eat very little, putting you at risk of becoming underweight and malnourished, or you may turn to food as a source of comfort and overeat.

If you are overweight, you might feel fine about it. Alternatively, the way you see and feel about yourself might get you down. In our society, where a heathy weight is valued, it can be frustrating and depressing if you’re not in that group. There are also problems when people want to be too thin as this can be a sign of an eating disorder, which may require professional assistance.

Some people who take particular medications to counter mental health problems find that they put on weight quite quickly.

You might like to consider the following:

  1. Be aware that when you’re feeling down, healthy eating and physical activity habits might fall away. Try to continue with healthy habits, even though you may not feel like it.
  2. If your doctor has diagnosed depression you may find that weight gain or loss is part of your illness, so optimising therapy for your depression will be important to achieving a healthy weight.
  3. Being more active, eating well and reducing your intake of alcohol are all important ways to manage depression.
  4. Talk with your doctor about your feelings, your weight and any medications or medical conditions that might affect your weight. There may be alternative medications.
  5. Look out for weight loss due to a poor appetite which can accompany or be a symptom of a number of health problems. It’s a good idea to weigh yourself regularly to keep a check on it.


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