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Blank sheet of paper held on fridget with small magnetMost people who try to change a habit go through various stages. These can include feeling that we're not sure we want to try, then we want to, then we try, then we slip back, then we lose motivation, then sometimes we try again and sometimes we don’t.

You can improve your chances of success if you accept that change isn’t always easy. It takes time. Here are our top 10 tips for staying motivated:


  1. Be clear about your goals. Remind yourself of what they are and make sure they are achievable. Start with small goals and build up from there.
  2. Remind yourself, too, of why you set those goals. What will be better for you if you can bring about some changes? What will keep happening if you don’t?
  3. Remind yourself that it’s OK to take a break from your goals every now and then. At times, other things in life will become more important. It’s OK to get off track sometimes, and it’s OK not to be perfect.
  4. Accept that changing habits is hard, and that set-backs and slip-ups will happen. Don’t feel guilty about it.
  5. Monitor what you do. If you keep a record of your goals and your progress towards them, it will be easier to get back to working towards them should you have a slip-up.
  6. Get support. Ask family and friends to work with you towards your goals. Tell them when you slip up, and tell them when you’re back on track.
  7. Use prompts to remind yourself of the things you want to do – for example, leave your walking shoes by the door, have your gym gear in the bathroom, leave your gardening tools on the deck, have a bowl of fruit on the table and vegetables in the fridge.
  8. Learn from past experience. Don’t go back to diets that only worked for a little while, before you put the weight back on.  A diet plan consistent with the Australian Dietary Guidelines will help you to make long-term changes to what and how you eat and drink in a healthy way.
  9. Try something new for variety – add a new walking route, cook a new dish, try a new food.
  10. Reward yourself for your successes – but not with unhealthy foods or drinks. Buy that item you’ve been thinking about, see that movie you’ve been wanting to see, catch up with friends you haven’t seen for a while. There’ll be setbacks along the way, but celebrating success is important.

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