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Setting goals

Setting realistic goals for achieving or maintaining a healthy weight is an important first step. Having a clear goal in mind helps you to stay motivated when you face the challenges life inevitably brings.

Here you can download and print off our goal setting form so you can carry it around with you or leave it on the fridge.   

Defining your goals

As long as they’re realistic, you can reach all kinds of goals – you just have to start small and build up. This might involve breaking larger goals into more manageable smaller ones with shorter time frames to make them seem less scary and easier to reach.

This section will give you some tips to help you choose goals that you can fit into your life and budget and maintain over time.

Tips for setting goals

This section gives you some suggestions of how to set realistic and achievable goals. Whatever your healthy weight goal, there are tried and tested ways to help you get there.

Setting a goal weight

When setting goals for managing your weight – whether you want to lose, gain or maintain – it’s best to start small. If you achieve your first goal, you can always make another one.